logistics5we are major suppliers of Oil and Gas Industrial Safety Materials,wears & Accessories.We deal on genuine safety Products; our goal is to provide you with the best selection of quality safety Products, we stock different styles of product from different manufacturers. Most of these products are genuine and affordable.We value our customer’s need and make changes to meet the market demand.

We are the main, indigenous company established by experienced and seasoned business Administrators and Professionals for the purpose of providing Services to the Oil and Gas Sector, Government Infrastructural Development Sector, and Allied Industries. The company has in its employ well tested and experienced Administrators, Technical Staff, Agents etc. who have experience in the Oil and Gas Sector, Environmental Management, Logistics Support (MARINE & LAND), Civil works and Procurement. Most of these experiences have been in the Nigeria environment. The members of staff are competent and knowledgeable about the high demands of the Nigeria and West-African business environment.

We are in business to provide quality and cost focused and oil and gas solutions to our customers. Our customer and our employee are most valued assets and the bedrock of corporate existence. By empowering and providing them the best support, training and motivation, we will position ourselves to honour our commitment to our customers.